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Double Facer

Mechanical summary:

The hot plate is the cooling (the paste paste into the hot plate heating, cooling form of machinery. After cardboard

Mechanical properties:

1. The maximum speed: 200 m mechanical/min.

2. The hot plate number: 18,20,22 piece of heating surface after grinding and hard chromium plating;

3. The hot plate pressure roller for intensive, integral lifting hydraulic control;

4. According to the needs of the layer of cardboard production pneumatic compression or whole section, which is beneficial to the pressure of adhesion cardboard shape

5. ShangMian ribbon equipped with automatic or manual adjust deviation device, a pneumatic device, tension with the cotton with tension rectification device.

6. Cooling molding department the dense suspension type design, pressure roller gear for oil-immersed sealing secret transmission or close partly oil extraction transmission;

7. The hot plate internal labyrinth flow design, make the hot plate temperature even, the hot plate heat group;

8. Driving roller wear-resisting rubber, improve the outsourcing of cotton with service life.

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