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Single Facer-SF320S


Single facer is design for producing single-face corrugated paper, the medium process into wave-paper, and past glue on the top of flutes, stick with liner become into single-face corrugated paper.
Technical Parameter:
1.     Max design speed: 150m/min
2.     Max work speed: 100~120m/min
3.     Working width:1400mm~2200mm
4.     (Paper standard: A grade paper, face paper 140~180g/©O,flute paper:90~125g/©O)
5.     Drive horse power: Motor 22kw Frequency conversion
6.     Adsorption motor: 11kw
7.     Steam pressure:10-12kg
8.     Flute type: UV type, corrugating roller diameter Ø320MM. One pair.
9.     Corrugating roller raw materials: 48CrMo alloy steel
10.   Flute: A, C, B or E as per buyer¡¯s request.
11.   Cylinder specification: Ø140*ST(45+45), with magnetic valve button & hydraulic station control pressure roller
12.   Gluing group: Advance and retreat of the glue roller house is control by two pneumatic cylinders.
13.   Cylinder specification: Ø100*ST30, with magnetic valve button control
14.   Adjust glue thickness: Quantity of pasting glue and control glue is control by the clearance between glue roller and doctor roller adjustment and the inter-face appear control, figure show gluing details. Motor specification: GH1/8HP*4P*1, gear reducer motor made in Taiwan TECO.
15.   Adjust advance and retreat of glue roller and pressure roller clearance: The electric motor drive cam micro-adjust, and display the adjusting quantity on inter-face by the motor.
16.   Motor specification: GH1/HP*4P*1/30, made in Taiwan TECO.
17.   Main drive part: Main drive with the separate gear box to shift drive, gear is made from high quality alloy steel and the dip oil type, low noise, long life.
18.   Driving part details: The gear box transfer the kinetic energy to the three rollers (upper, down corrugated roller and pressure roller) through the universal transmission shaft. The structure ensures the stable performance, easy and fast to maintenance.
19.   Add three steam turning tie-ins, steam tube and one backwater equipment.
20.   The axis of upper, down corrugated roller and pressure roller adopt the resistant high temperature oil to lubricate, the axis type: NU224 and adjustment axis NJ224, there are high-precision axis imported from Japan.
Main parts brand:
1.     Corrugated roller, pressure roller bearings adopt NSK Japan brand
2.     Gluing roller and fixed gluing roller bearings adopt NSK Japan brand
3.     Electrical, main adopt ABB, SCHNEIDER, SIEMENS brand.
4.     Motor, main adopt Taiwan TECO brand
5.     Converter, main adopt Taiwan DELTA brand
6.     PLC adopt Taiwan DELTA brand
7.     Gluing channel material adopt stainless steel
8.     Reducer gear box, the gear material is 40Cr,high precision grinding
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